Glass Scraper Brush


Best Aquarium Scraper Ever

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Glass Scraper Brush

Our glass scraper brush is of high quality, it is convenient, easy to use and cost-effective. It does an amazing job cleaning aquariums from algae and any other pollutants such as fish excreta which are otherwise difficult to get rid of – with this brush you will clean them in seconds! It is definitely the easiest and fastest way in which you can eliminate all of the algae from your tank glass. The scraper brush can also clean any glass surfaces within or outside your tank. The bigger your aquarium is the more you will appreciate this type of scraper, also the bigger your tank is the more time you save using such a handy tool. Unlike magnetic brushes, this brush is suitable and more effective in tanks bigger than 40 l.


Use as requires. Make sure you wash the brush after each use.


Material: Plastic and Sponge

Total Length: 400mm 15.75 inch

Head Size: 75 x 65 x 35mm 2.95 * 2.56 * 1.38 inch

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