From Hobby To Innovation

From hobby to innovation. We are not only selling items but also, actually mostly, we are working on innovations of our own products. We started as a group of friends who wanted to make our own roots fertiliser. Surely, many of you also tried! Through many trials and errors, we created our recipe for clay & peat balls which positively surprised us with their effectiveness and made our plants happy. Also, it didn’t leave us skinned! This success encouraged us to do more. The next step was to invent food for shrimps that would make those little fellas utterly satisfied and nourished. Success – again! Fish are next in the que to be nurtured by us – new brilliant mixes to come!

We also provide ready mix fertilisers that follow recipes of popular and world-wide tried out ones – but are cheaper! We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and teaching you how to make your own mixes (check out our easy to follow calculator). In our shop you can buy all of the necessary ingredients to make whatever mix you need. We encourage you to experiment and have fun mixing the potions.We are persistent in our endeavours to contribute to innovation and development of aquaria in the most creative way. Currently we are working on a new project that will blow you away! We are absolutely vehement about DIY so if you have some ideas of your own – give us a shout. We have an open mind and facilities to help you develop it.