Planted Tank start

The first planted aquarium. A guide for beginners.

Breeding healthy plants is not fundamentally different or more complicated than breeding healthy fish. All you need is to realize that, like fish, plants are also living beings who will be fine if their basic life requirements are met. Just as among the fish there are species that can tolerate worse conditions or mistakes made […]

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The most recommended dose of carbon dioxide is 20-35mg/liter and this must be maintained to ensure plant growth. Aqua Plants Care

The importance of oxygen and carbon dioxide

Oxygen O2 and its importance The oxygen content in water depends on many factors: the depth of the tank, the temperature of the water, the presence of plants and animals. Water that is in motion is generally better oxygenated than that standing. The dependence between the temperature and the degree of oxygenation is inversely proportional […]

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Peat clay balls root fertilizer uk shop

How to prepare your own substrate for aquarium plants

A few simple ways to quickly and effectively prepare the substrate for demanding aquarium plants. Clay Peat Balls root tabs fertilizer Pinia Clay Peat Balls, to buy in our store, but you can do it yourselves. For this purpose you can use peat and, of course, clay (instead of peat, you can use garden soil, […]

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Algae in planted fish tank Aqua Plants Care

Algae in a freshwater aquarium

Many aquarists think that there should be no algae in a well-maintained reservoir. The truth, however, is that a small amount of algae will always be present in even the best kept aquarium. A small number of them indicates the right amount of nutrients and proper lighting. An excess of algae arises when the equilibrium […]

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Roots fish tank preparation aquaplantscare.uk

Everything about wood and roots in the aquarium

Frequently asked questions about roots Is the root of a coniferous tree suitable for an aquarium? Is the root of the fruit tree suitable for an aquarium? Does the root bought in the pet store need to be prepared? When will my root sink? Is brown water harmful to fish? These and other questions bother […]

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Fertilizer for plants containing an assimilable carbon source, liquid carbon, additionally has an action to combat algae in the aquarium (all kinds but, especially red algae). Aqua Plants Care

CO2 and the role of carbon and liquid carbon in planted aquariums

As we know, carbon is an element indispensable for all forms of life on earth and in considerable quantities. Thus, the carbon content in the dry matter of the plant is around 45%.Water plants have two ways to obtain the carbon needed for their growth. The first is to capture free carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved […]

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ciliate how to cure fish effectively aqua plants care

Aquarium White Spot Disease ICH – Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis

Aquarium White Spot Disease ICH – Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis Ich (Ichthyophthiriasis) is caused by a parasite (ciliate), which most often is located in the skin and gills of the infected fish. The parasite is visible to the naked eye all over the body of the fish. This is probably the most common disease found in aquarium […]

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POOR MAN’S DOSING DROPS PMDD Fish Planted Tank Fertilizer Aqua Plants Care UK Shop

PMDD Poor Man’s Dosing Drops – How To Apply PMDD Method In Planted Tank

Here’s how to apply the PMDD method “Poor Man’s Dosing Drops” The PMDD method was developed with a double goal: to grow plants and to control algae. After various tests and studies, it was hypothesized that all types of algae (including cyanobacteria) can be controlled in planted aquariums, making sure phosphates are a limiting (and […]

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Symptoms of minerals deficiencies in planted aquarium – Part 1 Macro Elements

Symptoms of minerals deficiencies in planted aquarium – Part 1 Macro Elements

Symptoms of minerals deficiencies in planted aquarium – Part 1 Macro Elements The most common deficiencies are those of nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium. These elements should be on top of the list of elements responsible for bad condition of our aquarium plants. This article also does not contain the most important macro – […]

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Recipe for 4dKH solution for the indicator planted fish tank Aqua Plants Care

Recipe for indicator solution for aquarium CO2 indicator

Recipe for 4dKH solution for the indicator: 1. Measure 3000 ml, or 2000 ml, or 1000 ml of distilled water or from the RO filter 2. Weigh 3.60 grams of NaHCO3 baking soda, add to 3000ml of water or 2.40 grams of NaHCO3 to 2000ml or 1.20 grams of NaHCO3 to 1000ml, etc. of water […]

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