Aluminum CO2 Diffuser


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CO2 Diffuser for Aquarium

Package Contents:

CO2 Diffuser

1  Sucker

Material: Aluminium Alloy

size: 62mm

Sucker Diameter: 24mm

PU Pipe Diameter: 4mm

Refinement Cup Diameter: 24mm

colour: Silver

Surface treatment: oxidation nickel, refined cup, non-slip knurled.

CO2 diffuser is brand new and of high quality. The diffuser is sturdy and durable, with high density chip/ceramic plate. In the early stages, chips will accumulate bubbles that will disappear after approximately 24 hours. In case when chips are covered with algae and may not vent easily, soak them.

Thanks to a powerful suction cup the diffuser can be fixed in a position that you desire. Attaching the diffuser is very simple. You can also adjust the length so that it goes well with the height of your fish tank.

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