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Clay & Peat Balls to fertilise your substrate

10 50 or 500 balls set

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Pinia Clay & Peat Balls to fertilise your substrate

This is our 100% organic approach to aquatic plant root fertilisers, causes no additional water pollution!

Clay and peat balls with micro and macro elements root tabs are used for enriching substrates in planted tanks.

To produce our clay peat balls we use clay of the highest quality that we obtain always from the same supplier. By trial and error we developed the recipe for this root fertiliser making sure that our clay and peat balls provide a richness of nutrients.  We also maximised the length of their effectiveness (by extending the period of their disintegration) which makes them as good as the branded products. The aquarium root tabs will not disintegrate or dissolve when in contact with water therefore will not soil the water during placing them into the substrate.

Our aquarium root fertiliser contains all of the nutrients that are required by aqua plants. The nutrients are in appropriate proportions too. The main ingredients are nitrate, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, boron, copper, and trace amounts of titanium that stimulates plants making their leaves and stems bigger even up to 11% (5-11% depending on the type of plant). Phosphorus has not been added intentionally due to its easy accumulation in most of the aqua (tropical and freshwater) substrates.

Clay has cumulative properties, it absorbs the excess of elements and then releases them if and when needed. Using clay-based root fertiliser is, in our opinion, the best way substrates can be enriched – both those that are old and already deficient of some or all elements as well as as a main way barren substrates can be fertilised.


Clay and peat balls should be plugged in at least 2-3 cm deep. If you have ground invading fish (such as catfish or corydoras) you can plug the balls even deeper.

One ball plugged in nearby the plants’ roots provides nutrients for approximately 3 months. There is no need to take the balls out from the ground as the clay will be always beneficial to your plants. The plants that absorb most of the nutrients through roots and bigger plants, such as lotus, should be provided with at least 2 balls. You could also plug in the clay and peat fertilising balls throughout the entire tank (with 10 cm distance from one to another) and repeat this process of fertilisation every 2-3 months.

The first effects of clay and peat balls will be seen after about a week from their installation. After this time, they will regularly release the nutrients. The balls can be used together with lignite.

The clay and peat balls are solidified thermally which makes them also sterilised from all kinds of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms which can be otherwise found in peat.

The set contains 50 root tabs (that is approximately 190 gram) clay and peat balls of approximately 16mm diameter each.


Dear fish keepers… you don’t need to buy 50 balls right away. Order a 10 balls set to try them out – you will see for yourself that your aquarium plants will cry out for more!

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4 reviews for Pinia Balls Root Tabs Fertiliser

  1. Brian

    Hard, good quality

  2. Scotty

    Arrived quickly and well packaged, very easy to work with and can’t wait to see the results!

  3. Ståle Sivertsen

    Love my clayballs❤️ my plants is so much nicer after one week of using this! Will buy from you guys again

  4. John

    I ordered 500 balls. Arrived quickly. I was not convinced they would work. It is nearly a fortnight now and after placing them under sand, my plants have seriously responded. Fast growth, thicker, bushier and stronger and lush green. Fantastic company and product. Would definitely recommend and I will order again when needed. Many thanks.

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