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Walnut leaves sticks

Supplemental food for shrimps

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Walnut leaves

are rich in vitamins, flavonoids (derivatives of quercetin and kaempferol, hyperoside), phenolic acid (caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid), carotenoids, triterpene, as well as in mineral salts – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. Walnut leaves are also a good source of tannin (approximately 4-5% in one leaf) and of 1,4,5-trihydroxy naftaleno–4-beta-D-glucoside. One leaf also contains from 0.2 to 0.04% of volatile oil (which comprises about 40 different compounds, from which about 25% make sesquiterpenes) and up to 1.3% of ascorbic acid. Walnut leaves have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. They can be used as natural antibiotics for shrimps – it has been shown that the leaves have an effect on a number of different types of bacteria and fungi.

Walnut also has a negative allelopathic effect on other plants. It has been proven that an extract from dried walnut leaves contains a range of allelopathic substances from which the most important are flavonoids and kaempferol.


Walnut leaves are an ideal supplemental food for shrimps. It’s recommended to give small quantities 2-3 times a week.


proteins 16g, carbohydrates 18g, fats 60,3g, water 3,8g.


C 5,8 mg, B1 0,39 mg, B2 0,12 mg, B3 1,19 mg, B6 0,73 mg, folate 0,066 mg, A 0,008 mg, E 2,6 mg.


Phosphorus 332 mg, Calcium 87 mg, Magnesium 99 mg, Potassium 474 mg, Sodium 4 mg, Iodine 0,009 mg, Iron 1,8 mg, Copper 0,28 mg, Zinc 2,72 mg, Manganese 3,6 mg.

Amino acids:

Isoleucine 772 mg, leucine 1479 mg, lysine 307 mg, methionine 266 mg, cystine 348 mg, phenylalanine 809 mg, tyrosine 664 mg, threonine 531 mg, tryptophan 199 mg, valine 869 mg, arginine 2431 mg, histicine 385 mg, lanine 617 mg, asparaginic acid 1474 mg, glutamine acid 2787 mg, glycine 751 mg, proline 536 mg,serine 777 mg.


Essential oils 0,03%, juglone, oksynaftochinon, hydro juglone, tannini opprox. 10%, alkanoids, inositol 0,3%; flavonoids (ok. 3,4%) – quercetin, kaempferol, hyperoside (3-4%); acids: gallic, caffeic (0,1), p-coumaric, ellagic, malic, chlorogenic

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