TPN+ Fertiliser


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TPN+ Fertiliser

This fertiliser follows a recipe of the well-known TPN+. Chemical composition of our fertiliser is similar to the compositions of the original TPN+. The mix works really well as all in one. It is recommended particularly if you have high level of NO3 and PO4 in your aquarium.

Chemical composition:

N 1.34%, P 0.10%, K 1.03%, Mg 0.39%, S 0.91%, B 0.004%, Cu 0.006%, Fe 0.07%, Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.002%, Zn 0.002%, E202, E300.


The full content of the sashay dissolve in 500ml RO water.


10 ml of solution per 100 liters of tank water per week. In case of deficiencies, the dosage may be increased making sure that the maximum iron (Fe) level does not exceed 0,4 ppm.


Store in dark place, in room temperature.

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