Multi-component food for shrimps.

Daily Food

Weight 10g, 30g, 50g

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Shrimp-Elicious Premium Shrimp Food

This is a special food uniquely designed by our specialised and passionate team. This food is ideal for daily, regular feeding of your shrimp. Multiple, well-balanced components will deliver optimal levels of vitamins required by your shrimps. All of the key components to support shrimps’ breeding are also included. Your shrimp will not only be healthy but also they will look gorgeous – thanks to added astaxanthin their colours will be much more intense!


Daily Food. Can be used interchangeably with other foods to cary the diet.


Vegetable (80%) and fish products, vegetable protein concentrate, dried hemoglobin, yeast, astaxanthin, minerals and vitamins.

The content of nutrient elements:

Crude protein – 43%, crude fat – 8,0%, fiber – 2,4%, ash – 7,4%, phosphorus – 1,1%, calcium: 1%


A-10000IE/KG, D3-1300IE/KG, E-200mg/kg, C-150mg/kg


Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, Folate

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10g, 30g, 50g


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