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Red moor roots

Red moor roots are decorative roots for your aquarium. The wood is of light-to-dark colour, with some lighter parts (depending on a root). Usually the roots come in branched-out pieces, rather rarely in single logs. Red moor wood roots are usually light in weight, sometimes of medium weight. Thanks to Red moor wood roots you can create a unique climate of planted aquarium, especially if you plant the roots with delicate plants. These roots are also perfect for planting moss. The wood also looks amazing as a single root. It’s perfect for planted aquariums as well as for decorative aquariums. These natural roots come from far east Asia. They have beautiful, natural shapes. The process of waterlogging and soaking is fast. After not a long time they stop colouring the water. The roots have no negative impact on living organisms in your aquarium; they are absolutely safe to use.

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