Oak Leaves


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Dried Oak leaves

can be used in aquariums to add tannins and essential minerals to aid the health of your aquatic animals and plants.

If used in large amounts they will also reduce the pH of the water.

It also suppresses bad bacteria and fungus and aids the development of fish fry and tadpoles by promoting infusoria growth

Unsubstantiated claims of a reduced presence of fungus, boosted immune system and helping skin problems in fish are also reported.

The leaves do contain several flavonoids (like kamferol or quercetin), several tannins (such as punicalin, punicalagin or tercatin), saponines and phytosterols.

In fishkeeping the leaves are also used to lower the ph and heavy metals of the water. It has been utilized in this way by Betta Breeders in Thailand for many years. Hobbyists across the world also use them for conditioning the betta’s water for breeding and harding of the scales.

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