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Catappa leaves

Catappa leaves improve tank water quality by introducing natural tannin and also by decreasing water’s pH. Catappa leaves are particularly valued amongst shrimp keepers, but they are recommended for any type of aquariums. The substances released by the leaves speed up the healing processes of epidermis, mucous membrane and fins of aquarium fish; they also decrease the risks of thrush, that is why it is recommended that the catappa leaves are used after water change and after transporting fish during their adaptation in a new tank.

Catappa leaves are a simple but at the same time a revolutionary way of restoring natural environment for fish and other aquatic creatures. Catappa leaves naturally can be found in rivers and other waters, which undoubtedly contribute to animals’ health and growth. The leaves are especially recommended if you keep fish that require a slightly acidic or alkaline pH. The leaves are perfect for the following types of fish: discus, tetras, gourami, neons and more and of course shrimp!

When used in spawning aquariums, catappa leaves protect roe from molding and markedly improve fry survival.

Some fish keepers use the leaves for their decorative purposes, others use them for water parameters change and yet others as food for shrimp or snails. When leaves begin to rotten, they release tannin and the whole process mimics natural processes in rivers that cross forests.

Only in our shop you can buy natural and original catappa leaves brought all the way from Thailand!

Usage & preparation:

There are a number of ways in which you can use catappa leaves. The leaves should be dry (if they are not, dry them first- it usually takes 2 days in a worm place). You can also rinse them with hot water or boil them – but then they will dissolve quicker once in the aquarium. A more often recommended way is to soak them in cold water with potassium permanganate; soak them for several days. This method will make the leaves soak right away. Another way is to simply pop the dried leaves into the tank, without any preparation.

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