Mn 13% EDTA Chelated


Organic form of Mn for aquarium use

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Manganese, Mn 13% EDTA Chelated

Manganese (Mn)

Manganese is a microelement; dry plant contains approximately 50 mg of manganese per every kg. This element is an activator and a building block of many enzymes. It is also necessary in the process of oxygen production during photosynthesis. Manganese is a middle element when it come to its mobility. Manganese is absorbed by plants in the form of ions Mn(2+). The most commonly used source of this element is Mn-EDTA.

Manganese deficiency

Depending on the type of plant, the symptoms of its deficiency may become first apparent on the young, middle or older leaves (which makes the diagnosis more difficult). With time, the symptoms may spread throughout the whole plant. The symptoms are: inhibition of growth, interveinal chlorosis on leaves (in severe cases leaves may even turn white) – however there is no clear contrast between the affected areas and the veins. White or yellow smears or brown or black spots may also appear. In more severe cases, necrosis-like spots or necrosis of the leaves’ edges may be present. Leaves may fall. The plants may also produce noticeable ‘bubbles’

Manganese excess

Symptoms usually are noticeable in the leaves located in the lower and middle parts of the plant. At the beginning, the symptoms my resemble manganese deficiency symptoms. Brown, black or red spots on leaves may turn to necrosis with time. Some sources report unequal distribution of chlorophyll leading to chlorosis and necrosis. The roots’ growth may be also inhibited. The excess of manganese may also lead to iron deficiency.

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