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Black alder cones are successfully used in aquaria. They are popular due to the fact that they contain tannin which has a positive impact on the condition and health of tank fish, they help in the first stages of some of the diseases. The cones have protective properties for roe. In spawning aquariums the cones combine some proteins contained in water providing nourishment for alevin. The black alder cones are also popular amongst fish keepers due to their acidifying, they lower pH in water and disinfectant properties. Although they disinfect water, they are harmless to delicate shrimps and crabs. The cones can also help getting rid of algae. The black alder cones are perfect, when used in greater amounts, to create so-called ‘black water’ biotopes. Alder cones are especially recommended for aquariums with particular types of fish: Cichlid, Characidae and Loricariidae as they lower water pH. Black alder cones are also often used as decoration in smaller tanks such as shrimp tanks.

Black alder (Alnus glutinosa Gaertn.) is a tree species belonging to the birch family. It is common across Europe and in some areas of Asia. Its inflorescence are transformed into small, dark brown cones (of approximately 1.5 cm length) that usually stay long on the tree. Successfully used by aquascapers across the world.

Alder cones dosing in aquariums.

There are no strict rules as to how many cones should be used in aquariums. It’s recommended to be reasonable and observe water parameters. A rule of a thumb is that one cone is enough to reduce water pH and disinfect about 10 liters of tank water. However, the strength of a cone depends on many factors. The cones are effective for about 2-3 weeks. After this period you can add another cone and leave the remaining ones as a decoration. Some fish keepers before using the cones pour boiling water on them to help speed up the release of tannin


Cones can be placed in aquariums in two ways: They can be popped into the tanks straight away – they are dry therefore they will sink quite quickly and their effects can be visible after 1-2 days. You can also place them in the filter. The second option is to make cone brew and then pour it directly into the tank. In order to prepare the brew, you can insert the cones into a pot and pour boiling water over them and cover them (you can use a pot with a cover or a jar with a lid). Once the brew is cooled down, you can pour it into the tank.


Please note that regardless of the option chosen (dry cones or cone brew) be reasonable and add the cones gradually. Sudden changes in water parameters may lead to our fish and plants to feels weakened.

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