Banana Leaves


Natural water treater for shrimps

Approximately 16 cm long

1 piece = 1 leaf

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Banana leaves

Banana leaves are believed to have the same properties as catappa leaves – both are very beneficial in aquariums and can be used simultaneously.

Banana leaves have preventive and healing properties. When used in aquariums, they assure good immunity to your shrimps. The leaves release tannin and other elements to the water which enhances shrimps’ health condition. Shrimps and crayfish also by nibbling the leaves clean their digestive tracts. Little shrimps like to hide and spend a lot of time in and around these leaves. Banana leaves also possess following properties: fungicidal, bactericidal, help healing after infections; they can also be used as a biotope material. Banana leaves are naturally used to treat water due to their unique properties.

Banana leaves are most often used to enhance shrimp tanks due to the fact that they enrich water with missing substances such as organic compounds, due to their fungicidal, bactericidal properties; they lower water pH too. The leaves are willingly eaten by shrimps and invertebrates making their diets enriched. It’s a natural product free from chemicals and pollutants. The banana leaves may also be used in decorative purposes.


One leaf can be used for approximately 10-15 L of tank water. The effects will last for 2-3 weeks. If more intense treatment is required, it is recommended to use 1-2 leaves for every 5 L of tank water. The leaves drop to the ground after soaking. To soften the leaves, you can pour boiling water over them before placing them in the aquarium.

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