Ceramic Micro Bubble CO2 Diffuser

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The set includes suckers.

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Ceramic Micro Bubble CO2 Diffuser

Glass micro bubble diffuser is the easiest and more effective way of dissolving carbon  dioxide (CO2) in water. The diffuser is made of esthetic, well-presented glass which makes it almost invisible in the aquarium. A special, uniquely designed ceramic membrane assures effective administration of CO2 in the form of micro bubbles.

The diffuser allows you to significantly increase the level of carbon dioxide in your tank. It is much more effective than a simple air stone.

The diffuser with ceramic disc will assure a very efficient mechanism of carbon dioxide dissolving in water thanks to which your plants will grow very fast and beautifully.

Key features:

  • Thanks to its microporous ceramic disc, this diffuser is able to dissolve carbon dioxide in the most efficient way providing plants with the very essential for their growth CO2
  • Made of laboratory glass and microporous ceramic disc
  • Clear colour, transparent
  • Glass Cup Diameter: 20mm
  • CO2 Diffuser Size(L x W): 6 x 3cm
  • The set includes suckers which makes it easy to install the diffuser


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