Precise CO2 Needle Valve


2 Way Aquarium Precise CO2 Needle Adjustment Valve

Co2 Regulator

For Standard Co2 Aquarium Tube 4/6mm


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Precise CO2 Needle Valve For Aquarium

This high quality needle CO2 regulator has its inner part made of tough and durable stainless steel with aluminum alloy that helps to fine tune CO2 release. The surface is metal grinded, it is of light weight. Due to its ergonomic design, the regulator is easy to install and no tools are required for its installation. Precision valve is particularly valued by fish keepers. It is also very easy in operation. Thanks to bubble counter, regulation of the volume of the CO2 is easy and straightforward. The dual way regulator valve applies nut lock which allows effective lock of the CO2 tube preventing from accidents.

This small device will make a huge difference in your fish tank.


– Material: Aluminum Alloy

– Size:  4×2.6×1.2cm


-Thread: fine

-Fits standard tube of 4/6mm diameter

Usage: how to regulate

Unscrew the bottle first, then the reductor valve and regulate only using the precision valve. Each time you regulate the pressure, allow few minutes before the pressure is even and the accurate flow is achieved. A general rule of thumb is that CO2 is regulated on high pressure, at least few bars, which allows you to avoid difficulties which may occur during pressure regulation and deregulation with time.

Follow these steps:

Set 3-5 bars on the reductor, turn the precision valve off and very slowly release while observing the amount of gas being released.

Always wait few minutes before you regulate again

It’s a good practice to release the valve gradually, over several days. Gradual increase of CO2 in your tank will be much kinder to your creatures living in the aquarium. By observing your tank you can quickly spot any stress symptoms in your fish or shrimps, in which case go back to your previous setting as this would indicate that this was the maximum amount of CO2 for your tank and your aqua animals. Many fishkeepers recommend this way.

If you are interested in finding out the level of  CO2 in your tank you can test the pH level (don’t confuse with Ph/Kh). This may be the only way, although it may not be very precise.

It is also important to remember that if you support your tank with CO2, your plants’ requirements for nutrients increase.

Water aeration or making waves at the surface may also knock some CO2 out of your tank.

Out of all of the supplies that plants need for appropriate growth, such as light, CO2, macro and trace elements, CO2 is the most difficult to administer as its amounts may change several times a minute and symptoms of its deficiency (dwarfing and bending of leaves, chlorosis, holes in leaves) are often confused with some minerals deficiencies. Distribution of CO2 within the tank is also a very important element – sometimes an additional water circulator may be needed – especially if you are providing CO2 using diffuser in one side of the tank you need to make sure the other side has the same CO2 concentration.

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