Straight Tweezers


Length: 27 cm

Material: Stainless steel

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Straight tweezers made of stainless steel.

27 cm long for aquarium with live plants.

Our straight tweezers can be used for landscaping in large aquariums. Thanks to the tweezers you can precisely position the location of your plants. The design of the tweezers allows comfortable and flexible use. The tweezers will make you enjoy the manual work required for beautiful landscapes.


  1. Gently grab the plants near their roots
  2. Insert into gravel deep enough so that the plant stays in it (the depth will depend on the type of plant and the type of gravel)
  3. Gently release your grasp on the tweezers – during a slow release of the tweezers, move the plant from side to side so that the gravel is gently covering the plant roots
  4. Take the tweezers gently out, avoiding touching the plant stem.

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